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Help with my alcoholism feature


New Member
Hi, I am not entirely sure if I am allowed to post this here but I have looked and there doesn't seem to be anywhere else.

I am a journalism student in the UK, and am currently researching a feature I am writing on alcoholic parents and the effects this may or may not have on their children.

I understand this is a very sensitive subject but I would be so appreciative if anyone would be willing to share any experiences with me confidentially. Apologies if I have placed this post somewhere I shouldn't have.

Please PM me if you are willing to speak to me. Many, many thanks.


Registered Member
my step dad was an alcoholic, there are some verrry bad memories of him with his beer, which lead to violence against the rest of us.
however it hasnt put me off alcohol,i drink, in moderation, and when i go for a night out i know my limitations, ive never been violent and so alcohol doesnt change that.

however this drinking problem started around when i was 13, old enough to realise it was his choice to keep drinking, he knew his limits and continued to drink too much, but for younger children growing up with it, they can either see it as the root of all evil, the norm and they should follow suit, or view it how i did, the same as most things, good, but bad in large doeses


Do What Thou Wilt
Read the Eric Clapton Autobiography
lots of advice and insight into alcholism.


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My parents were Alcoholics, I never experienced any violent effects from their alcoholism but I did see how much it ruined their lives. They explained it as a disease and the root of all evil and that it is the worse thing to become addicted to.

But I do drink, I make a point of keeping an eye on my consumption and drinking habits to make sure I don't become reliant on it in any way. Alcohol is a scary thing and it has caused allot of damage to my family so it's something I will never treat lightly.