Help With Future/Parents

I am 16. I have been a gymnast for the past 9 years. I am also very interested in film, and I'm taking a class which allows me to use/rent out $5,000 - $15,000 pro camera/lights/sound equipment.

Now my parents have never really been interested in gymnastics, not like some of these parents who get obsessed with their kids and force them to practice 30 hours a week. I practice 15 hours a week, but I miss a lot of practices because of homework, or I'm hanging out with friends, etc. I usually do not miss more than one practice a week.

Today at practice, my coach asked me to participate in the Navy meet which is hosted at our gym on Saturday. He asked me to do Vault, since that is my strong event. I turned him down and told him that I had plans already scheduled that day. I have been working on a script for the past few weeks and planning out a short movie which I was planning to shoot this Saturday. I didn't even know about this meet until today, so I figured that my already arranged plans should take precedence. Later when I got home, I told my dad about this, and he seemed a bit dissapointed but okay. A few hours later after my mom came home, she ran up to my room when I was doing homework and started yelling at me.

She was yelling how I have commitments to the team, etc, etc. Gymnastics is expensive, and my parents pay about $1500 a year just for competitions. (We are not rich either, that's a lot of money.) I yelled back, saying how I've already scheduled the equipment to rent out this weekend, we got all the actors and crew together and ready, and everything is set to shoot on saturday. I'm directing, so I can't just bail out on everybody. In the end, she threatened to pull me out of gymnastics right then and there. And she left. Now, I don't know what to do.

I was actually planning to stop gymnastics at the end of the season, because I will be a senior next year (and I dont plan on doing this sport in college) and I would like to get a job... which I can't do with all the time I spend in gymnastics. But I don't want to quit yet, and I feel like it would be a waste to just end my career like this, after a fight. But I don't know what to do, I feel a greater obligation to my future in film than to gymnastics.

What should I do?


Sally Twit
You should quit gym now because you've got no interest to take it any further. You obviously want to get in to films so you should focus your time, energy and money on this. Explain to your folks that you appreciate how much they have spent on you doing this but it's nothing more than a hobby to you. Better to be honest now than to let them carry on paying for this when you have no desire to do it anymore.
Actually I sat down with my parents and we talked for about 40 minutes. We worked it out so that I could miss this competition and shoot the movie instead on Saturday, so it's all good. I feel like if I just left gymnastics now, I'd be letting my team and my coach down. I wouldn't want to just stop in the middle of the season, just like you wouldn't want to answer only half the questions on a test. So thanks for the advice, everything's fine now :)


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seperate ways like this, college and studys comes first Gym and sport second.

and parents first.

and then Gym time After taking top places on the last issues.