Help With Fonts

Ok, so I'll admit... choosing what font to use in my images is something I hate, and people tell me I'm not very good at it. When I look at other people's images, bad fonts can really ruin the image. Basically, font's are important, but it seems like a lot of people have troubles with them.

What are some pointers about how to choose a font? Are there any general guidelines of what makes one font better than another for any given image, or for those of you who think you're good at choosing fonts, why do you choose a certain font over another for an image?

Also, font effects... besides just choosing the font itself, a font has to blend into the image. What are some suggestions for how to do this, and how to make text look like more than just letters, but part of the image itself?


it needs to be readable, clear and crisp is my rule. Alot of the time people try to add blur effects, and all these other filters. They usually dont work at all, I tend to stay away from filters on text, if i want the text to have a certin look I just manipulate by hand.

Typography is an art of its own, from my expierences most people suck at it. It takes time and practice is all i can really say. You learn what fonts look good when to use serif fonts verse san-serifs.

Like I'm looking at the fonts in your sig now they are horrible. the one in your userbar is totally out of place the glow dosen't fit, and its just too large for the image. I'd have tried someing smaller but a bit bolder. The font in your sig, is much to plan to be by its self, it needs to have some design aspect to it.

If your really intrested in art, a typography class will do wonders, i took one in highschool one of my favorite classes.


Ok first of all what Ds said, it has to be somewhat clear and visable, I usually use sharp or crisp option. For choosing the right Font, it depends on what kind of work your making and what would fit in the best, that part you have to use your artistic mind to do, for all your font needs I recommend
thats the site I use most of the time to download new fonts..
As for the effects I usually go to blending option, and adjust with the settings in there, I usually dont make a shadow but when I do I set the optmicty low and spread it, for text you should stay away from iner/outer glow most of the time, and I give it a 1 px border just to make things more visable but I lower the optmicty on that too, then I lower the overall font optmicty a little to make it blend better with the background..
well thats what I do, and usually stay away from the filters when doing your text work.


on the 1px black border, if I do that on fonts I'll set it to a Soft Light blend instead of lowering the opacity, blends in and stands out much better.