Help with BitTorrent please?

Ok... I am having ISSUES.

They may or may not be NAT related, Firewall related, my fucking nVIDIA CARD related, driver related, software related, port related, or something completely else.

Regardless of what is making it happen, BitTorrent is not working for me no matter what I've tried.

If anybody knows anything about any of those... please! let me know, and I can go into more depth!
When I try to open a torrent in uTorrent, it tells me it has issues with NVIDIA nvappfilter.dll, which can cause all my RAM to get eaten up and other badness. Azureus refuses to open at all, even though just moments ago it was fine with opening. BitTornado is a really crappy client in general, and although it works for a single download, all consecutive downloads go really slowly. ABC tells me it can't listen to the port, and when I say that "yes, search for a new port to listen to" it continues to not find anything. BitTorrent itself just sits there and doesn't do anything. BitComet worked fine, but then decided it couldn't access whatever port it was using and broke. None of them let me seed my files after I download. They all give off varying error messages that point me to NAT or Firewall issues.

I'm running straight off the modem, so I don't think it's a NAT or port forwarding issue. I've disabled any and all firewalls that I'm aware of, so I don't think it's that. I have no idea what my NVIDIA card (NVIDIA GeForce 6600 (256mb)) would have to do with any of this.

If you need more detail, ask more specific questions... please... wtf is wrong...?


nvappfilter.dll is the "NVidia Nforce Network Access Manager", which would be more of a motherboard chipset thing ("Nforce" is the term of NVidia's motherboard crap). Basically, a firewall hardwired into your motherboard. If that is the firewall you use, you'd have to be the first I know of who uses it... I recremend using a completely software based firewall, ie ZoneAlarm (which happens to be free).

Does that help?

Well, it relocates the issue from graphics card to motherboard... which I don't think really makes it any easier...

I've definitely disabled the firewall (it starts up by itself with Windows, and I haven't found a way to prevent that... but I've turned it off in the program itself, and I always exit it after it starts up), so I don't know why it's still bitching at me. And it's not just bitching, it seems to be working fine, then my entire comp will freeze, can't move the mouse or hit ctrlaltdel even... hard reset.

I really don't know what to do... it tells me I should uninstall it, but if it's a motherboard issue I don't really want to mess with it, and it's not in the program list anyways, so I don't even know how I'd go about uninstalling it safely.


Ok, I could be wrong about that, but how about getting me that exact error message it gets you with the .dll file.

But, if my theory is correct you have not turned off properly that firewall. Try updating your nForce drivers/software suite, and trying again.

Right now it's working hesitantly, and I'm ignoring the "your computer WILL break" error and running utorrent anyways... I'm a little afraid to quit and restart it to see the error message again, in case it gets unlucky and crashes as it has in the past.

It was something to the effect of:
"uTorrent is not compatible with NVIDIA Firewall, nvappfilter.dll. It can cause all your RAM to be eaten up, and freezes. This is a known bug in the NVIDIA Firewall, and has not been fixed to date. It is not a problem with uTorrent, and you should uninstall the firewall."

I will try updating the drivers though...