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Help with Attaching Photos


Registered Member
I have photoshop, but I have yet to really play with it. Is there an easy way to modify images to fit so then you could attach them and make them the right size?

I am getting confused, cause the program has stuff like image size, canvas size....

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks. :)


Secret Agent
Staff member
Image size is for shrinking and enlarging.

Canvas size changes the dimensions as well, but does not change the content proportions and size. Basically, changing the canvas size is for cropping.


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Aye, another mac person. I have the same problems. I couldn't even download a list of programs Andrew gave me because the internet downloaded it into a form that none of my mac computer applications could recognize. If you get one working for you, let me know.


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Andrew said:
She never said she used mac.. :)
Yeah, I mentioned it in a few spots, but didn't make it a very prominent comment. As of right now, we have 5 macs in the house, and my old hp Windows laptop. I only have Windows for work.