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Help with an auction idea


Registered Member
I'm hoping that no one takes this idea and runs with it before I have a chance to list, but I'm gona tell you all my idea and hope for some advice / help on how to make it go....

I'm planning on listing a mystery camera bag, that has a 35mm slr camera and a few accessories in it... BUT I will also be adding a mystery to the bag.

So the auction will be for the bag, camera, and accessories.... and then the mystery would be the 'bonus'

What I'm hopping for is some ideas to make this go...I've never done a mystery auction before and have little sucess getting many watchers etc....

Any help, advice, or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated


Registered Member
Sounds like a good idea! I still dont understand how the mystery thing works...
(if anyone would love to tell me i'd love to hear!)

But as far as traffic...........being on here is one good thing, also periodcally posting in the ebay forums helps........definatly need a catchly title to make people want to look at your acution!

If I come up with any ideas I will let you know........though as you can see, my auctions aren't really taking off either! :)

Good Luck with it!


Registered Member
lol..maybe it should be a haunted mystery camera....magically things just appear in the bag as time goes on...hmm...pretty catchy? could work..i've never done a mystery or haunted auction


Registered Member
Well my possessed pikachu wen't for 22.50, and had 12 watchers, but I want something bigger... The camera is worth some $$ too..... Just not sure how to make a mystery auction fly