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Help with a song


Registered Member
So I've been listening to Christmas music on the radio (Who hasn't?) and I keep hearing this almost.. jazzy version of "O Christmas Tree" (or "O Tannenbaum") But I can't seem to find the song on the internet anywhere.

There's a piano playing the main riff with some percussion in the background, it might be an orchestra.

Does anyone know the song I'm talking about?


Problematic Shitlord
If Jeanie's is not the correct one, have you tried visiting the radio station's website? Most radio stations will list what they have played and what is coming up.


Registered Member
YES! Thank you Holtzzzzzzzzz!

And Cons, I was going to try that the next time I heard it playing.


still nobody's bitch
awesome. That is the best Christmas album ever. I'm surprised you didn't recognize it, do people not watch A Charlie Brown Christmas anymore?


A Darker Knight
The radio station's website would've probably been the best bet. I find it hard to find Christmas songs I like since there are so many versions of the same song and some artists are really obscure. haha You lucked out on liking a famous version.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's a decent song, but I remember watching that Christmas special of Charlie Brown. I'm not a huge Charlie Brown fan but that x-mas episode was classic.