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help required


New Member
i want to buy games online and become a reseller. please suggest the places where i could find the games like counter strike source, battle field 2, medal of honour, quake 4 etc. your help would be much appreciated


Secret Agent
Staff member
I think most big companies get this games directly from the companies that make them. Otherwise your best bet is selling used games and looking for deals on eBay.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
The best way to do this, from my understanding, would be to buy wholesale lots off of Ebay and split them up and re-sell them on Ebay.


Registered Member
You will not be able to do this with new games. To be honest retailers do not make much of new games. You will have to get old games from people in your area like a gamestop does and then resell it on ebay. If you can figure out how to do that you have a shot.


Heavy Weapons Guy
You should see if anyone is selling games in your area on craigslist.com