help please

Any thoughts on this would be helpful…there’s this girl right, in my same flat at uni…over the past 6 months ive really gotten to like her. We used to be really friendly an generally take the piss a lot and have a laugh. Then a few incidents occurred involving alcohol, yea I was wasted. First I told her on msn, yea msn even though we in the same flat, anyway I told her I really liked her then about a week later apparently I was really nasty to her. In front of her friends as well mite I add L. I can’t figure this out because I have never thought anything bad about her at all and am sure she knows this as well. But it seems she has thought nothing of the first encounter and is pissed off about the 2nd one. I have apologised I don’t know how many times but she always says its ok and that she’s forgotten about it anyway.
It has gotten hard to talk to her now, I get very short answers in return and nothing in terms of questions etc to try and keep a conversation going so it ends up really awkward. Now if I don’t try and talk to her the tension will just build and build, I reli like talking to her but it makes me think she really doesn’t want to with the types of answers ive been getting.
She talks away to the other ppl in the flat like asking questions etc to keep a convo going but after the time I were unfortunately nasty to her she has said hardly anything to me. The fact that she talks to everyone else no problem just makes it worse!
Might i add that we are both quite shy, I have thought of things to say to keep a conversation going but my head just blanks for some reason when I try an speak to her, so I jus try and make up questions there and then, surely she could try the same thing?

Its getting to the point were I just don’t want to speak to her …even though I do.. if that makes sense. Should I just start chatting lots and lots to her or just not say much at all

also any reasons why she's doing this? thnx:cry:


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You need to try harder. You like this girl and it's going to be impossible to avoid her. Maybe get her on her own and work some magic. Talk about things that she's interested in even though you might not be. Be nice around her and offer help if you think she needs it.

And good luck.


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It sounds like maybe she's just not interested. Just tell her how you really feel and see where it goes from there.


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It seems to me like you're trying way too hard. Back the pressure off for a bit. Shy people don't do well when the pressure is on. Back it off, talk to her alone a few times and ease your way back into the friendship. Work from there.

And don't be a dick to her. Be as nice, but truthful, as possible. Don't lie.

Trust me on this.