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Help on Job Interview!!


Registered Member
Hi ppl!! I have received a call they want to interview me for a job. I really want to be in that enterprise... So could you gimme a hand with this plz?

Well, apart of some suggestions, I have some questions that I think are tricky ones, like the followings:

- In what area (of the kitchen) do you think you would fit?
- Why are you applying for this enterprise and no other from your country? (actually its an overseas enterprise)

What should I answer for them?

*Im posting more questions, right now I dun remember some of them...

What other questions do ya think are worth to include in this list?
Share them with what would you answer plz...
Also share you suggestions, plz


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
It's been days since your post so I don't know if you already had the phone interview. They will probably ask about what you currently do and if you have experience in the type of job you're applying for. For your sample questions, you would know the answer better. I assume it's in the restaurant business - do you have specific positions you want or are you open to any kitchen position in the company (which are you better and which do you have experience? Same with the second question. Why did you choose this overseas company - where did you hear from it and why the interest in working for that company or abroad? What are your availabilities, do you have the papers required to work overseas?
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