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Help needed wiping HD



Hi all, I recently bought an older computer from work (650 PIII, 256 RAM and 8 GB HD) that I wanted to set up for my mother in law so she could get online. They had wiped it clean and the software they gave me to install on it was Windows NT(possibly the worst of the Windows IMO). Well, I initially put it on and ran into huge problems due to partitioning the HD etc. I deleted it, but can not get the HD completely wiped so I can install 98. The partition still exists and I can not figure it out. I have tried about a dozen times to remove the partition and then install 98, but when I do I am not able to install it. The largest partion I can make is 2 GB (out of the 8) and that leaves me with very little space left over. I can take it into a shop and have it done, but if I were going to do that I might as well just buy a used system. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Peace, John.


All you need to do is reformat the Hard Drive. That wipes it completly.


I other words, put in the windows disk.
Wipe it alll!!!


I had tried that with no luck. I either get an error saying it can not be installed or the partition is still there which I do not want. I had previously tried this several times. :)


AKA Ass-Bandit
When you try to install it, do you get a choice to which partition to install it to? If so, first choose to delete every existing partition. Afterwards, install the OS to the remaining choice, which should be Unpartitioned Space.


You need a boot disk like a floopy. Go to the command prompt.(like windows command prompt or something then) type- format C: (or whatever drive you have it listed) It will ask if you really want to do it(blah,blah) then it will ask for what disc system you want and tell them none. Then you can install a fresh image.


The problem is not that he can't format. The problem is that the format his drive is in, isn't compatible with 9x.
Windows NT Formats the drive in NTFS, while Windows 98 formats in FAT32. There's a substantial difference between the two.
Delete the boot partition with the NT disk, then reformat with the 98 CD.

Now your system specs say that you should be able to run win2K with no issues, exceping in terms of HDD space. Why not simply upgrde to 2000 and later on get a larger hard drive? NT and 2000 are built off the same NT technology, and is far more resource-efficient than 98.