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Help Needed on Identity Theft Plzzz


New Member
Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on a project which requires me to make a post and use the result in my research project. If you could please help me by answering the following questions and also providing any additional information you might have, it would be great.

My research project is Identity theft on the Internet, which is one of the fastest growing crime do to the reason many people aren't aware of it.

How many of you are aware of Identity Theft on the Internet?
What would be the best way to prevent ourselves from Identity Theft?



Hell, It's about time!
I was a victim myself. Someone managed to get my credit card info over the net and was charging a bunch of porn sites to my name. I managed to track it down with the help of law enforcement and Lifelock. I have not had an issue since.


Registered Member
Well Yeah I'm aware of identity theft and also the best way to prevent it is every little bit of paper you get with a your name or any details about you kept in a high security vault but that is a bit drastic.. To be honest if someone really wants to steal your identity they properly will do..

Hope this helps you out : - )


New Member
Thanks for replying :D. It Really does help. I havent had a scam happen to me but i think just reading about Identity theft has really gotten me to think to be for careful with id cards, credit cards ect. Its actually really freaky to know how common it is.


my bologna has a 1st name
i am aware of identity theft...

i haven't had anything of value lost, although i have several several accounts throughout the web that have been hacked and the information jeopardized. Where I am a bit lucky is that I have a NET alter ego...for instance RAYE is not my name...i will tell people its not my name, but thats all they are getting.... most any account that i sign up for i use my 'alter ego'. as for online shopping and bill pay you just have to be careful what server you are logging into and how secure it is....

hope this helps for your project