HELP ME PLEASE! please , i'm begging you!!! it's REALLY important!

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oh thats easier than I thought

Exercise 1.... come on its just busy work you can do that yourself ;)

Exercise 2

1: Retro+Active
2: Be+Friend+ed
3: Tele+Vise
4: En+Dear+Ment
5: Psych+Ology
6: Un+Palat+Able
7: Holi+Day
8: Grand+Mother
9: Morph+Emic
10: Mis+Treat+Ment
11: De+Activat+ion
12: Saltpeter ? (I dont know this one, not familiar with the word)
13: Air+sick+ness


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meh... ok, you're lucky I'm feeling that helpful today.

Exercise 1 as per Icegoat:

using a Webster's New World Dictionary; 2nd college Edition; Copyright 1982

a: Random Page #787; there are 47 entries ranging from "lackluster - ladle"

b: 1692 pages total, using 47 as the multiple: there are 79,524 words in this Dictionary.

Random Page #1103: 43 entries ranging from "polio - pollutant" I knew 38 words on this page
Random Page #1367: 38 entries ranging from "Special assessment - spectral line", I knew 37 on this page
Random Page #429: 43 entries ranging from "drop-forge - drum head", I knew 39 on this page
Random Page #711: 40 entries ranging from "incline - incomprehensible", I knew 40 on this page.

e: 164 words on 4 pages, I knew 154 of them, meaning I knew 93% of the words on those pages

f: Assuming my 93% word knowledge is accurate along with the 79,524 assumed words in this dictionary, I know 74,752.56 English words


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OMG! You're amazing :DDDDDDDD
i just wrote what you told me , thanks :))))
i sloved some of the questions by myself , but there're some exercises that i don't know how to slove it :(
so can you help me ??? i know i bothered you , but you know , it's really important for my college ;_;
so these are the exercises that i couldn't solve :( :
3 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 and 9.
so , please help! ^_^'


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Way to do her homework for her, Ice. She'll never learn anything that way.

DreamerSoul, in the future, learn to do your own homework. The internet is a nice tool, but if I were Ice, I would have given you all wrong answers on purpose just to make you fail. Do your own damned work.
Also, exercise 1 is completely on you. No matter who gives you the answers to that one, it's not going to tell you how many words YOU know. YOu didn't even read the exercises, did you?
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Why are you so angry :(
i always do me own homework but this one is too hard for me , because english is not my first language ;_;
please don't be mean to me , i'm really happy that i found really nice people around here (this is is my home page right now ) , so please don't say such a things like that ;_;


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All I hear whenever I hear an excuse is "Blah blah blah, I can't do my own work because I'm pathetic."

I don't care if it is your first language or not, the point is, you took the class, and the work isn't even that hard.

Also, I lol that you were only able to do exercise 4 on your own. Unless you just weren't assigned that one for some reason.


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they're 14 exercises , so that mean i didn't just solved #4 =_="
you're so mean ;_;
why don't you like to help other people that REAllt badly needs your help , why're you like that ? :(


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How will you ever learn anything if you have help with your answers? In fact, it's not even help.. It's someone giving you the answers and not making you think for yourself. If you are struggling with the answers then you should ask yourself why that is.
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