Help me identify a song?


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Knowing my luck, it's probably a popular song that I just can't attach a name to . .

I know in the chorus is goes, "OH, YEAH!" and it sounds like a hair metal band (pretty fast paced) kind of like Bon Jovi or the Scorpions. I can't think of much more to add. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


Certified Shitlord
Can you remember anything else? The premise of it or anything?
I also found this
well that embed didn't work. lol

Here is the site
Don't you think I would have shared any other information I have? No to either one, but the second one was my first guess.

There is only one song that comes to mind when I hear the phrase "Oh Yeah".

YouTube - yello music video- oooooh yeah

Probably not what you are looking for though.. :lol:
What part of "hair metal" did you guys not understand?



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Where did you hear the song? If you Google where you heard it, someone else may have asked the same question.

Also, can you give a better definition of "hair metal".
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