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help me find a good watch


Registered Member
Hey guys I wana get a good watch but dont know where to start I know what I want just not how to go about getting it.

Before we even start I don't want websites I wana go and try it on first I don't know where but I gess the mall. The real thing I want is a callender watch day date month and for time anolge with hour and minute second isint importent but always nice.

no rubber bands nice stainless steal or matt black or a combo of the 2 on the case and band as long as there's no gold and a glass face. And here's where things get tricky I'm not looking for a Rolex this needs to be $200.00 or under.

Can anyone help me out thanks guys :D


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm not a watch connoisseur but I would think you could find something like that at Wal-Mart or any store like that. Penney's has some good brands too probably a little more expensive than a discount store.


Embrace the Suck
It all depends on what you are looking for. You can get a bracelet watch or a leather band watch in brown or black, round face, square face....I have about 15 watches, some casual, some dressy and some more sporty watches. You can get a nice Invicta for under $200, or a nice Casio as well. My favorite everyday watch is a Casio which is a brand I've loved forever. My favorite dress watch is an Invicta. Citizen makes a great watch as well, but I've never bought one for less than $200 but I did get one for about $250 that's really nice that I like a lot.