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Help! I need some advice on how to write a speech for a wedding


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Help! My sister's wedding is in a few weeks. I'm one of the groomsmen in the wedding so my sister wants me to speak in the reception. I don't know what to say because I really don't have any experience with this wedding stuff and I've never been in one before. Please Help!!! I will truly appreciate suggestions. Thanks in advance!


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There are samples online for wedding speeches that may give you ideas on how to word your thoughts.

Be brief. Some people prefer to continue whatever they're doing instead of listening, haha.

While some prefer to address the guests in their speech and talk about bride and groom, others address the bride/groom directly (ex: wishing them well or welcoming the groom to your family, etc.).

Write it down if it makes you feel comfortable than memorising what you want to say. Just that on the day, don't just read it but also maintain eye contact.


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Is she your older or younger sister? Do you have a funny or touching memory to include that could be wrapped into the theme? I always found the speeches with little insights to relationships to be the most touching/entertaining ones.


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I agree with the above. Talk about memories with her, something funny, etc. Be sure to keep it brief. Just be kind and say "Good luck!" Don't make this into a huge deal...just say a few words and get on with it. :)


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I did a speech for me step daughter's wedding. I really enjoyed it and was very pleased with the results. And, she really appreciated it.

One of the things I did was get tell the story about how they got engaged. It happened in Europe and was a cute story. Of course, this only works if there IS a story.

The copule's name is Steve and Allana. Shortly after I started my speech I said - "Steve, place your hand on top of Allana's." He did. At this point everyone expected me to say something really sweet or serious. I said - "Sorry buddy, but that's the last time you'll ever have the upper hand". Got a really big laugh.

I see that somebody already pointed you to the Internet. That's where I got my inspiration and ideas. Best of luck!