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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by Julie, May 30, 2005.

  1. Julie

    Julie Registered Member

    I bought & sold a Kitchen-Aid mixer awhile back. This was in perfect working condition when I sold it. The buyer got it today & sends me this email:

    "I have received this item. The switch is damaged. When plugged in, it starts up and cannot be turned off without unplugging it. What would you like me to do? Send it back, or have it repaired and I send you an invoice for the repairs?"

    This one has been a member on ebay for a couple years, but is new in the sense that they only have made a handful of purchases & only have a handful of feedback. This was shipped out of the country. The buyer chose the cheapest shipping method (Economy Parcel Post) & DID NOT purchase insurance (and I offer it on all my auctions).

    I looked again at my listing to make sure I didn't miss anything before. You can see in my pics that the switch is fine. I now remember testing it & the different speeds worked fine too. I also remember packing this puppy in LOTS of bubble wrap & LOTS of peanuts. There was no movement in that box when I was done.

    I really don't know how to respond to this one. Hubby thinks I should ask for them to email me pics of the broken switch. But if I do that & they sends pics & the switch is broken like they claim, then what? The way I feel is that I packed this item very well & this person declined Insurance, therefore it is there responsibility once it leaves my hands. I mean, if anyone looks thru my feedback on the majority of them people put stuff about "very well packaged" or "excellent packing". That's one of the things I do take great pride in with my items I sell is that I pack them carefully.

    Should I start putting a disclaimer in all my auctions about refunds & Insurance? Any & all input on this from anyone on here is GREATLY appreciated.

  2. kromsales

    kromsales Registered Member

    I personally would ask for the item back. If they accually pay to send it back I would refund (not shipping). Most will not send it back. Especailly if they are trying to scam.
  3. Julie

    Julie Registered Member

    Thanks girl! That is a good option. One I will have to seriously weigh, though. If I offer this to them & they ship it back to me, then I'm stuck refunding the purchase price ($137.50 - OUCH)!!

    Okay, thought about this some more so I went back & looked at the auction. Shipping was $30.00. So if I do this & they take it they would be getting about $100 back. Hmmm....debating...debating....
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  4. Nanner

    Nanner Registered Member

    I bought a couple of things for my kid from a seller about a month ago. 100% feedback (and quite least 1000 if I remember correctly) I rarely pay for insurance on things that are cheap. This was new stuff but I only paid like 20 bucks. Anyway it never showed up. She did have a receipt from the PO (then again it could have been for anything) She offered to refund my money which I thought was pretty darn cool since I did not buy the insurance. I turned her down on her offer. The way I look at it is if insurance is offered and I don't buy it then I assume responsibility for the item once it is out of the sellers hands. (assuming an honest seller of course) I think it's pretty bold of this buyer (who declined insurance) to give you the option of either refunding or fixing. Of course you have no proof to send her that the mixer was working when it left your hands but that is a risk you take bidding. (and a big risk you take buying something that expensive without insurance) Trusting the a point of course (meaning some of the scams on eBay we've all heard about) Anyway that is just my 3 cents worth. No insurance.......not your problem.
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  5. iggyshotthebear

    iggyshotthebear Registered Member

    If insurance was offered and the buyer didnt want it, then its on them. You could call Kitchen-Aid and ask how much a switch repair would be and offer that instead of a refund. It might only be 25 bucks instead of the full price. If they refuse a repair then I would just say something along the lines of "insurance was offered for this item. Shipping economy isn't always the easiest on high dollar items. My apologies that your item was damaged but I cannot accept a return or refund your money."
  6. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    I'm with iggy. I wouldn't accept a return if they didn't buy insurance. You might get a negative, but is a negative worth not losing $140? This is a reason why I require or just factor in insurance on items I sell. It's not worth the trouble of things like this happening.
  7. Nightsurfer

    Nightsurfer ~Lucky 13 strikes again~

    Hi all. I have to put in my two cents. Me I offer ins and if they don't take it that's their bad. Also if you are selling electronics Mark it as( As Is no refunds). As far as replaceing or fixig the I would tell the buyer to contact the company and get the part not you. You did your part.
    It's not your fault the item got broke in shipping they should have taken the ins. I have had sevral people try to scam me like that. I definately would not give a refund. That's how I see it . Well my two cents are up.
    Catch ya later.................... :warp:
  8. mart1

    mart1 Registered Member

    I sure have in mine ( Not responsible for loss or damage after shipping) I advise bidders to purchase insurance, and if they do not , I cannot see that its your problem !! After all how do you know that their kid didn`t whack it with a baseball bat after it got there ??? Just my opinion !!!!
  9. Julie

    Julie Registered Member

    I just wanted to let all of you know the update on this. First, thank you to everyone who posted a response on here. I gathered up bits & pieces from each of you & put together a response to my buyer:

    "After much deliberation over this item, this is what I have come up with:

    - The item was in working condition when I sold it to you, as stated in the listing it was very rarely used. You can see the switch in the pictures on the listing as well.
    - I double checked this item before shipment & the switch worked fine, all speeds, no problems.
    - I made sure to pack this item in lots of bubble wrap & lots of peanuts. I also made sure once inside the box that there was no movement.
    - You were offered shipping insurance and you declined to take the insurance. I cannot be held responsible for an item once it leaves my possession & goes to the postal service, whether insurance is purchased or not. If insurance is not purchased, then the postal service is not responsible. If insurance is purchased, then the postal service is responsible for damages.
    - If you would have purchased the insurance that was offered on this item, you would be able to file a claim thru the postal service for damage to the item.

    So given all of these facts, I am sorry but all I can do is offer you the suggestion of contacting Kitchen-Aid & finding out where you can get this fixed near you.

    My Apologies,"

    It took a couple days after sending that, but I did receive a response:

    "As it turns out, I thought perhaps that the switch may have just been bent during shipping...I took a hammer to it, bent it upwards and guess what, it works perfectly! Sorry for the the hassle.

    I'll leave a possitive feedback for you.

    Thanks again."

    I haven't received the FB yet, but I also have not heard anymore from the buyer either. I think we were all thinking along the same line on this one though, after the response I got! Thanks for your help everyone!
  10. momtobrenna

    momtobrenna Registered Member

    Well, isn't that amazing. They find out they aren't getting a refund, and all of a sudden, wouldn't ya know it, the darn thing works.
    Glad ya got that worked out. :D

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