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Help!! I can"t find .....


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi. And Welcome.! This topic is here for all of to share info on toy prices, comic book prices, and all other collectibles. If you need help maybe we can help. :D


~Bus Driver's Pet~
I just wanted to say that I can vouch for him. Nightsurfer did a lot of work for me a while ago and boy does he know his stuff. I will personally use him again for all of my needs.


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I'm not sure if this really applies to the thread topic. I have a lot of beanie babies that i'd simply like to get off my hands, but don't really know what to sell them for as a lot. I want to get rid of them but don't want to be too cheap about it either, just appropriatly priced. I've looked at what some others are selling for but it depends on wether they are retired or not and so forth. I simply don't have the time with school to look up that kind of thing.

I guess i'm just asking if i should sell it as and auction with a low starting bid or just as a buy it now.

P.S. i hope this doesn't violate any forum rules, it is not a current auction and probably won't be for some time


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Hi, I could use help! One of my neighbors doesn't have internet & they are going to have me start selling their stuff for them. They have collected, garaged saled, and flea marketed for years. Yesterday, they gave me a box to start on. Most of the items in the first box is figurines of dogs. It is going to take time to research them to figure out if they are worth anything. In the bottom of the box was a small green plastic "toy". He thought it was from Barney Google. After snooping around, I have identified the toy as Loweezy, the wife of Snuffy Smith. Is there a good website for identifying these kind of toys? I found only one website, selling something similiar. On that website, Loweezy was part of a set of 4 Snuffy Smith characters. They were soft plastic playsets from Marx. The item my neighbor gave me to sell, looks just like the figurine on that website, but the color is not correct. I found a Marx website, but it is only for action figures. Any help would be much appreciated. I know I can get my neighbor more money if I can accurately identify and describe his toys. He's got lots of old toys to sell.


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Have you looked to see if there is a Marx or Snuffy Smith group in the the Community section of eBay? If there is, they'd be able to help you.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all i'm sorry I haven't ben able to answer your questions yet. I was in the hospital all week.OK down to buisness.

LicentousVenus : the best way to get the max for your beanies is as follows.

look up all yor beanies and write down your prices.(beanie price guide)
Then you cut the prices in half and that's your starting bid.
Only sell lots if you have doubles.
If you need more help AIM or PM me and I can tell you more.

Imaraceingmom :If you look on the bottom you will find a manufactures stamp
example (hasbro ) on some older toys the company mark is in the middle of the back. If tou want to send me pics i can take a better look for you.As for the dogs there sevral mimiture dog collecting books on the market. Barns and noble have the best collecting sections. Also don't for get the Public Libaryalso has alot of books on collecting.
If you need more help just give me a shout..

BTW welcome Imaraceingmom & LicentiousVenus


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How can I find the value of an antique china childs tea set??

This was handed down to me when I was 6...

Green markings on the bottom

Looks to be made by Kahla in GDR

also has a #8

I need help as I am trying to get some auctions going that will pay for the $300 ticket I need to fly to Alaska to see my family.


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Nightsurfer said:
Hi all i'm sorry I haven't ben able to answer your questions yet. I was in the hospital all week.OK down to buisness.

Hope you're OK!!! :eek:hno:


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.Hey Mina if you can send me some pics I just might be able to help.

Nanner I'm doing alot better now . I'm hopeing I don't have to go back (after all the test results come back). But I won't know untill tuesday. Thank you for asking..
Till next time.................................. :warp: