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PC Games *HELP* Halo Combat Evolved


New Member
hello everyone,

i'm playing halo combat evolved for a short time now and i really like the single player campaign. there's only one problem: my brother like's to play games aswell and considering i'm playing on my parents computer, i can't forbid him also playing the game... So, i wondered, if you save the game, where is it saved in? i hoped there would be a folder in my halo folder wich was called: saved game. but, there isn't.

If i could locate this file, i would simply copy it and save it somewere else, then, if i'm playinging halo i'd simply overwrite that file. Does anyone know how the file is called wich contains the saved game, and, where i can find it?

you would help me a lot, thanx



Secret Agent
Staff member
The game lets you save multiple profiles, so he could just make his own actually. That would be easiest. I'm not sure where the game is saved, but search your computer for "Halo 2" and you should get pointed in the right direction.


Registered Member
Just for the sake of posterity, the answer above is correct. Halo saves games in profiles, rather than actual savegames.


Registered Member
Halo saves in the "My Documents\My Games\Halo\" folder. So you can either create you another account in Windows XP, or you could try copying and overwriting those files.


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Why in God's name did you rez this?