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Discussion in 'Advice Board' started by Rwolfera, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Rwolfera

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    Ok so... my friend here is drunk... kind of... he came home pissed as a fart and sat down for five minutes. He hasnt eaten all day and had to go up to the toilet to throw up. He has come back down and is hungry, if he eats will he throw up again or will it put a lining on his stomach???

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  2. Jeanie

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    seriously, that's your very first post here?
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  3. Impact

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    And last probably.

    The best way to beat alcohol...more alcohol.
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  4. SuiGeneris

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    That's fantastic. Best first post ever. Anyway just in case you wondering for real.

    Drink a shit ton of water, it will rehydrate him and if he's throwing up he needs to be hydrated. Make sure he eventually eats, but you know if he got really drunk last night he can go up to a day without eating.

    drink drink drink.
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  5. pro2A

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    I second that notion... Only in the UK...

    "Pissed as a fart" :lol:
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    Not that I have any expertise in this matter but I'll try to help you out. Like Sui metioned make sure he drinks water, now he'll probably just refuse to take the water but just tell him it's alcohol, if he's drunk like he says he is he won't know the differece.

    Puking can be bad, but it can also help your friend out, it will clear his system and will help him eat a few things. Give him bread it usually helps them out when their drunk. Never tried it myself because I don't drink.

    How much did he drink by the way?
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  7. wolfheart

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    Like the others have said, get some water in him rehydration is going to help.
    If he managed to make it up a flight of stairs and back down again without falling then he at least has some control over himself, and is a little way from pissed as a fart.

    Just make sure hedrinks plenty, even if he chucks it back up.
    In the morning give a slap around the back the of the head.
  8. Smelnick

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    Dang 499 posts till I can rep your first post.

    Like everyone else has said, water is key. Also I find taking deep breaths helps any nausea pass away, so then he won't puke.
  9. MAgnum9987

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    Drink at least a litre of water, and then sleep. The water will hydrate, and sleeping will give him a chance for his body to recover.
  10. Shwa

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    Agreed, since no reply has been sent/posted by the original creator, yet everyone still tries to help. GF +10, newbie - 10


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