Help! Car choice.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Anyone have experience with VW's? Specifically, New Beetles? I'm looking into a 2000 V-Dub Beetle Turbo. It's a five speed, with a brand new clutch and 73,000 miles. The book value on the car is appx. $10,000 and they're selling it for $8,900. I still need to talk warranty, which will probably drive up the price a bit, but it will be worth it if something major goes wrong.

Anyone have any experience with them? It seems like it has sufficient power for the hills here, but I still need to test drive it again.
Can't really go wrong with a German car, the only critisism I have is that no matter what size engine they've got, they always seem to be a little heavier on petrol than other cars of a similar size.
I haven't driven a New Beetle but I have driven a Golf.


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I've heard really good things about Subaru lately. I like the WRX myself but all around they seem to be built to last and built to save money on gas. :)


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Yeah, I'm pretty much settled on getting a Subaru as soon as I get some money together and sell my truck.
Oooh Be careful when buying in Subaru, all of heard about them in New Zealand is they are really expensive to fix because of the Boxter engine and they are really thirsty on gas.
Parts are cheap but mechanical problems can get very expensive.
As long as it is a new model and has been checked mechanically you should have no problems.
They are nice looking cars.