PC Games Help: Cant get CivIV to work


Son of Liberty
So I bought Civilization IV "Complete" last night in hopes to have a new RTS to play on my comp.

Unfortunately the POS doesnt seem to be compatable with Vista.

heres what I've done and my problems:


Step #1:

I installed the disk/game. The only "game" that shows up is CivIV: Colonies. Unfortunately that version sucks IMO. So I uninstalled and Reinstalled, still nothing on the CivIV base game. Also; No shortcuts came up on my desktop at all or in the Start Menu (ie: Under Games or their own folder)

Step #2:

I searched for solutions on how to get this damn thing to work, mostly came up short until I discovered the "Run this program with an older version of Windows". Following those instructions I reinstalled the game for a 4th time... this time I finally got the shortcuts on my desktop. So I clicked the main CivIV shortcut.... and nothing happened. Did it again two or three times and each time with no luck.

Step #3

Searched again for more solutions or steps and found I'm 'sposed to right click the shortcut --> properties --> compatibility and change the "make this compatable with XXXX" Did that.... still nothing.

Step #4

Searched one last time for more solutions and found I could possibly just be needing to run the patches. Soooo I go to the CivIV website and attempt to download the patches. Unfortunately the links dont work, so I searched elsewhere and finally found it on another site. I think the patch was like V1.6 or something, I dunno its whatever the CivIV site was advertising. I downloaded the patch, attempted to RUN it and get about half way and the blasted thing tells me "You do not have Civilization IV installed on this computer, Please install Civilization IV before running this update". Also... I still have CivIV installed (with the Shortcuts showing) on my desktop.


So here I am, pissed off and about ready to just try and take this crap game back. I'm getting sick of these cock sucking games not being compatble with Vista. I mean seriously, what happened to the days where you could buy a game and play it as long as you met the requirements? I swear I never had this much trouble in the years of Windows 95-XP. :bomb:

So yeah, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
When I had to run EverQuest I had to do the following: Right click the game through Desktop > Properties > Compatibility > go down to Privilege Level and click 'Run this game as an administrator'.

Pretty much like Step #3, but also clicking 'Run this game as an administrator' as well.

Good luck!
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