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HELP- Arsenic poisoning


New Member
That title was probably a little misleading, so lets calm a few heart rates right here and now-- I am not, nor is anyone I know, suffering poisoning of any kind, to my knowledge anyway. 8P


I need to write about a character who has arsenic poisoning, but the link doesn't seem to be answering specific questions I have. They're quite basic, but I'm lacking in the science department, so if you can, take a crack at them? 3: Maybe even after skimming the wiki link, there's something I missed?

1. How long can someone be going through arsenic poisoning?

2. Does the arsenic injection have to be continuous to last? Or could the character have eaten, say, a poisoned donut a year ago and still be suffering the consequence?

3. How long can someone live with arsenic poisoning in their system without treatment?

THANK YOU. @[email protected] Even if you know nothing, your word is better than mine~! Take a guess? ; ; I need this quickly, if possible.