help a homeless 17year old

I need someones opinion, advice, help, or anything with a situation that has recently been brought to my attention. my roomate's daughter's boyfriend is 17 years old, his mother has abandoned him as a result of her meth addiction. he is(or was im not completely positive where he stands this second) living with some man, an older man. now i dont know much about this man the teenager has told me he is what they call a "crackhead". however this teenager does no drugs. it is a concern of mine that this man is molesting/raping the teenager. last night he went to the man's house with the intention of picking up (all or some) of his clothing, which is the only belongings he has. aparently the man wouldnt let the teenager in the house, so the teenager (although probably shouldnt have) broke into the house in attemts to retreive his own clothing. i guess after only getting a few clothes the man chases the teenager and a friend of the teenager's away from the house and down the street, calling the cops on the teenager(s) as well. now i dont know what happened with the cops, im assuming if the teenager had just told the officer(s) that the man he has been living with wouldnt allow him to take his clothing, there could be somthing that could be done about it. maybe the teenager did tell the officer(s) that, i dont know. but from what i do know, this teenager is in need of some help, as far as a living situation goes. he has a job but doesnt go to school probably due to his "out of school" life. are there any programs that would be able to help this young man? he is more than welcome to stay here for the time being but i think everyone would agree that a program that can help him get his own apartment or somthing would be better and somthing everyone would like better. can anyone help me help this teenager. he is a very good, but lonely teenager who doesnt have a place to call "home" as im sure many of you reading this do. any help you can provide is very much appreciated. thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully write a few words of wisdom you would be willing to share with me. again thank you for your time on this matter, a matter that definatly matters to me but may not matter much to you but for this helpless teenager's sake, consider it to be a concern of yours.


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First off, welcome.

Second, I bet it feels good to get this down and out to people.

Third, you need to contact police. If he is living with a crackhead, I don't know how you think he is not even the slightest bit involved somehow. I'm sorry if I missed it as well, but who are you? What role do you play in this story?

Bottom line, get to the cops. Call child services, get the authorities involved if you think drugs or sex are involved.


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me? im just a person living in the house where this boys girlfriend and her mom is living. thank you for your advice. and for the welcome here.
This sounds awfully strange to me, your living in a house with a boy and his girlfriend and also her mum, also you said in thread that a crackhead is with a boy that was abondoned by his mother. So lets get this straight, your living in a house with a boy, his girlfriend, her mother, a crackhead & and another boy who was abandoned by his mother. How do you know this information, how do you definately know that this man is taking drugs and forcing the 17 year old teenager into sex.

P.S . Don't you mean a flat? :-/