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Hellow ladies and gentlemen.


New Member
Low and to the left, as usual. How's you? Have any trouble finding the place?
None whatsoever, it was linked to me by some Irish slapper I used to get hand jobs from.

What are the rules round here?

Seems as though there's an awfy lot of different sub forums going on


Sally Twit
Think you need to trade her in for a better model if all you got were hand jobs.

Welcome to GF.


New Member
Cheers for the welcome troops.

Whose duckie, was he/she trying to be funny :confused:


It's not me, it's you.
Yeah, the sub forums here really are ridiculous. Other than that, it's a good forum.

Welcome and such.


Boom Boom Pow!
Lmfao @ the Irish slapper thing.

Nope, not all American, we have people from all over the shop. Most of the forum are from America or the UK though. I myself am from Scotland too.

Welcome to the forum.