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Hellooooooo ^_^


Registered Member
Hello everyone! I'm new. My name is Megan and I roll with Atreyu. :nod: lol. I go to school currently in m second to last year and I LOVE art :) I look forward to making friends with everyone Atreyu talks about :D byeeee.


Registered Member
Thanks! :) I think I will enjoy it here. Haha, I didn't know what picture to have and he is just so cute.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Hey welcome to GF...

I hope this means that since Atreyu is bringing his friends that he'll be around more often as well.

Have fun!


Registered Member
Welcome to GF! Sounds like u know your way around, lol! C U in the threads!


Registered Member
Hey! Thanks for the welcome. Yeah, I sorta know what I'm doing but still learning some of it :lol:
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