hellooo everyone

hellooo im new....any tips???:hi:

basically i love animals!!! (who'd have guessed from the username right??? :p)

i hate hate hate animal cruelty. i have a blog slighlty totally about the cause and thats me. :)

hope i make some friends my age :)


Creeping On You
oh, you hate animal cruelty? Oops, guess I should give this box of burning baby bunny rabbits to the next new member. Hmmm, here's a non burning box of baby chickens instead. Hopefully they grow up to be tasty once fried.

So besides being an animal rights junkie, what other things do you enjoy?
You remind me of I love USA, wonder what happened to her? *shrugs*

Care to share your hobbies and interests with us?

Welcome to GF!