Helloo everyone :)


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Heyy i'm new so i though id tell you about myself :p

I'm Sinead
I have the most amazing job ever! I'm a learning support teacher to a child with downs syndrome! I love it.
I'm very outgoing, a social butterfly! I love being around my friends and family and having loadss of fun! I have the 'you only life once' attiude towards life, i'm quite optimistic... most of the time anyway :)
On the other hand, i like my space, like the next person.

I sometimes do say stuff without thinking, but i'm the 1st person to admit that, but at the end of the day its part of my attiude/personality so id never change and bite my tounge, its not me!
I know i'm not perfect, but i'm comfortable with myself

I enjoy taking long walks and jogging (took it up a few weeks ago!). I love taking pictures, every picture tells a story they are the best kept memories!!! I enjoy going out and having a drink, im a vodka and redbull girl :D
Im friendly, random, happy, up for a laugh!
I love music, shopping, having fun, being with friends and family, also meeting new friends

So yeh i cant wait to meet you all :D :)


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Welcome to General Forum Sinead, very glad you've decided to join us. I promise you that you'll have a great time if you decide to stick around. So enjoy yourself, and I'll see you around.


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Welcome to GF! I am sure you will find that you like it here... You sound like a great addition, so I hope you stick around!


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hey, welcome to GF! :) i dont think iv ever seen such a detailed introducation post! lol hope you have fun and stick around. ill see you on the forums :D