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Hi I'm in a bit of a situation here and I'm trying to find a way out of it, figured getting some outside advice and views couldn't hurt.

Ive never really opened up about this before as I try not to bother people with my problems.

Here is the issue. I'm 24 and I still live at home (Yea I know. Ive heard it all). There is some reasoning for still being here to an extent but too long is too long, about 3-4 years too long really. Ive had over 40 surgeries on my feet and my last one was a few years ago. I and my parents (and even state rehabilitation services) have been trying for years to get something started for me but it seems something always happens or it just doesn't happen. Ive been trying since I was 16 to get a job here but thanks to rumors and a small town in the middle of nowhere nobody will hire me let alone give me a chance. Ive applied to so many jobs and got turned down for every single one never even got an interview. Ive been enrolled in schools but we couldn't afford to actually get me to the school or a place to stay. I have no friends or family I could go to just to get started somewhere no money to actually move to an apt next door let alone out of town or state.

My parents never show any hostility or anything like that they know and understand so its not like I'm not welcome but I just want to get started in life. I can only sit here so long before loosing my mind. As it is I haven't had a friend in person in about 10 years now. Ive tried but like the job thing the locals here just won't give me a chance. I'm not weird or anything but everyone believes my neighbors over me even if they meet me and see I'm nothing like what they say.

Recently we almost lost my mom and since then she has been pushing me understandably to get going on something but none of us know what to do anymore. I'm completely stressed out though I don't let anyone know I'm bothered or anything. I am honestly depressed and have been for a while though nobody knows it. I really just don't know what to do anymore. We have talked about doing an online course like I did for school ( I was home schooled) but the problem with that is I'm still here in the long run. It won't help me get a job locally maybe an hour or two away but that doesn't help if I cant relocate there. Can't really save up as my parents are both in their 60s and disabled so no extra to save really. My mom wants me to try and get into an out of state school with housing but the same problem comes up every time we look into it and that's affording getting there and all the costs and fees. Neither of my parents have been to college so they don't know how it works anymore than I do and I'm clueless on it.

Sorry for the long post.
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