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New Member
Hello everyone. My name is Dave and I was invited here by a very good friend. I've belonged to many forums in the past and I haven't been active on any for a while, so here I am... checking out a new world! :)

I'm an artist/photographer, but I also like web design, writing, movies, singing, shooting pool... and coffee! I hate politics, bureaucracy, and corporate ummm anything. I'd rather shop at the corner store than the supermarket. And I try to not take the little things in life for granted. ....did I mention I like coffee?


Registered Member
Hello Dave,

I'm new here myself but I'm already feeling at home.

I see you like writing, does that mean you like reading too. You're just in time to join in the new GF book club if you're interested. We're just about to start this January.

I'd love to write a novel myself.


Registered Member
Tere Dave! It is nice for you to join GF! I hope you enjoy your stay and become active part of community.


Registered Member
I like anybody that hates politics! :nod: And I like writing too so I'll def c u in the writers section. Do you like music? Oh, and hello and welcome to the most awesome forum in cyber space, GF! :D


Registered Member
Welcome! Lovely group of people with diverse interests here, but everyone is very nice. There is something for everyone. See you around!


Registered Member
I love coffee too! Welcome to GF. Hope you join in a lot.


Boom Boom Pow!
I'm sorry, but I hate coffee.

Welcome to the forum :)
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