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Boom Boom Pow!
Hey! welcome to the forum.

Care to share something about yourself? Or why you joined?


It's not me, it's you.
Do you like the movie Overboard?


Registered Member
Tere Sugarlips, I hope you find much enjoyment here at GF!


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Welcome to GF! :D Tons of awesome topics here. Btw, what are your interests, well, basically?


Babeasaurus Sex
Hey! Nice to meet you....maybe


New Member
@Nixola, to share something about myself...here's the potted version of Sugarlip - the life story!

I'm 24, I'm a PhD student, I work part time for a small niche publication, I'm Irish, an atheist, and a skeptic.

I read, watch movies, am currently trying to improve my cooking skills, and I live in Dublin.

I'm recovering from 'flu and trying to pass time while I regain my ability to think, read, concentrate or remain upright, and joined up on impulse.

@Anita, if the movie Overboard is the one with Kurt Russell, then yes I do like it in a cheesy way. I've seen it twice.

Thats about it!

Thanks everyone for the nice welcomes.:)


It's not me, it's you.
Oh, well...when I saw your name I thought of Overboard. It's what Kurt's character called Goldie Hawn's character.

Hope you get well soon, and that you enjoy yourself here.
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