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Registered Member
hey everyone just joined....now im trying to find my way around here. :D


Lion Rampant
Welcome to the show; you've touched down at a great all-purpose forum. You aren't by any chance an Irish slapper, are you?


Boom Boom Pow!
LOL @ Tucker.

Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your time here.


Registered Member
Hallo, how do you do?
It can be a bit confusing at first.. I've been here for a few months and am still finding sections of the forum I've never noticed before. Worth sticking around once you get the hang of it, though.


Registered Member
thank you wolfy that gives me hope :lick:
i think im figuring this thing out slowly but surely.

tucker im gonna have to say....no.


I'm serious
Hi penzey. Don't mind Tucker. He is allowed allowed out his cage five days a month. You just happened to fall victim on his first day out this month.

Tell us a little more about yourself. Which of the forums interest you the most? The Wrestling forums I believe are currently at full capacity, so sadly those would be out. *ahem*. But any of the others are fair game! :thumbsup:


Registered Member
hahaha....well just random stuff gets my attention. i get bored easily and i cant remember how i found this place but it looked interesting so i joined.
and thank yall for all the warm welcomes. :cute:
and reading through some of the threads i have found that Mr.Tucker is quite funny but maybe i shouldnt encourage him :lol:
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