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  1. HalfEatenSurprise

    HalfEatenSurprise Registered Member

    ...to this forum.

    How are you? And perhaps who?

    I am Lee

    Or the daft username, that took me ages to think of, and I still think is rubbish. Oh well.

    Hello :)

  2. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    Hello HalfEaten! Who ate you? And what was the surprise?

    Welcome here anyhow, hopefully you enjoy your stay.
  3. Danno

    Danno Registered Member

    What I wanna know is why did they leave the other half of you? Do you taste bad? Was the surprise an unwanted Brazilian Prostitute who popped out before the next mouthful?
  4. HalfEatenSurprise

    HalfEatenSurprise Registered Member

    Hello back.

    And to answer the questions in some sort of way, to show I do listen and read the things posted. Erm. Eaten by? A lion perhaps, and well the surprise is that it didn't kill me. I am currently residing in its stomach.

    God bless wireless - and torches -

    Anywho, you now most definitely think I'm a little odd and are going to shrink away quietly. Hope to see you around :) *thumbs up*
  5. HalfEatenSurprise

    HalfEatenSurprise Registered Member

    Well, you see the lion's had a gastric band or something so it can't eat huge portions at the minutes. I'm currently missing my legs, yet the juice or whatever's in this thing must have some sort of healing qualities because not only am I in no pain, I am also free from sores and bleeding and stuff. It's pretty gross in here.

    Anywho - That's me, and that's probably a bad thing.

    Nice to meet you. :)
  6. Hissa

    Hissa Registered Member

    I hope you enjoy your time here!:nod:
    Where are you joining us from?
  7. HalfEatenSurprise

    HalfEatenSurprise Registered Member


    I'm sure I shall, seems pretty friendly.
    I am from the Midlands in the UK.

    How are you? Where do you hail? Hope things are good :)
    Oh, I weren't ignoring the other two posters, but I wrote some convoluted idiotic thing in reply and it went to be moderated or something and never showed up. So - erm, that was that.

    But hello and greetings to you too. :)
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  8. Hissa

    Hissa Registered Member

    That is cool!
    You know what?
    I am from Saudi Arabia .....and I wish to visit the UK....
    It is really one of the places I would like to visit....
  9. HalfEatenSurprise

    HalfEatenSurprise Registered Member

    It's all right I guess. We got some pretty cool landmarks. Stonehenge, Buck Palace and the like.

    Although, Saudi Arabia seems pretty cool to me, never really thought much about travel and holidays seeing as I hardly ever get one, but it'd be a place I could defeinitely consider. Beats our weather hands down.

    Cool cool :)
  10. Hissa

    Hissa Registered Member

    Well,UK sounds really interesting to me....
    Also,I guess you will like Saudi Arabia if you had the chance to visit it...

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