Well i have been part of other forums before (bicycle, lacrosse, computer, etc.) but what I really wanted was a place where I could talk about anything, ask about anything, and help others in topics that i know well.
I am a very active guy, I play lacrosse and I enjoy cycling, but really I'm a nerd at heart. I like talking to other people about building PCs and other tech gadgets. I love movies and enjoy asking others what they thought about certain films. And I am very into music, specifically bands like Rage Against the Machine and Radiohead.
I guess I am a very multifaceted person, so this forum seems like it will suit me well.
oh and I forgot. I love reading, too. some of my favorite authors are Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, and George Orwell.

p.s. - how does one go about putting a quote as their signature? I cant seem to find out how to do that.


I'm serious
Hi black and welcome to GF. I am sure you will find something here that will tweak your interest. No one on GF really reads anything other than threads though, but stick around anyway! ;)

For your signature, go to "My GF" at the top left of the page. On the left you will then see a list of actions, one of which is "edit my signature". Put your quote in the box and hit "apply" and Bob's your uncle!