I just found this forum today. It was one of the only ones with videogame conversations that wasn't blocked. Ill probably be posting alot here during the school year. :)


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Welcome Duzaman!

It seems by your avatar that you're a Halo fan, I'm sure you'll get along with a lot of members here if that's the case.

Other than gaming, what are some of your other interest?

See you around.


I'm serious
Oh yay, another gamer. You'll fit in perfectly - I have a hunch! ;)

Welcome to GF. Anything else you can tell us about yourself? What do we non-gamers have to look forward to from your side? Hobbies, interests, location? These are things we need to know now!


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I can't see his avatar yet...lame.

I used to have a halo avatar and sig myself. :)

What other kind of games do you like?


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Welcome to GF Duzaman! It's great to have you join our community!