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hey, shwa (6foot3) turned me on to this. i really like it so far. glad to be here. been a while since i used boards like this but hey I love to talk. so let's talk.


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ahem. Im originally form Oklahoma City, OK. now residing in fort worth, TX i am 34 years old and taller than SHWA nananananana. (i guess ill have to change my name to 6foot5 lol. i love to read and write, listen to music watch movies with someone i love, paint, and of course talk to all of the beautiful people on the internet. I can't say that it will be my career of choice but for money i work graveyards at 'OL SOUTH pancake house. mmmm pancakes. nom​


I'm serious
Hey lkjfljbsdfkjb. Welcome to GF.
Any friend of Shwa is an enemy of mine, so stick around - I like far too many people on here as it is!


Enjoy your stay!


still nobody's bitch
There's no parenthesizing in twodifferentpeopleball! We have a lovely longtime Shwa and now we have a 6foot3, not the same guy. Explain yourself, before I become confused and frightened!
I already am. I was waiting to reply in this thread to see what others had to say because I was so confused.