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Hello everyone. im new and im here because its a general forum instead of a hamster forum or a video game forum being seperate. i have not yet explored everything one here but i hope this is a good one. :lol:
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Welcome to GeneralForum. Here's your free straight-jacket (replacements will cost you). Someone will show you to your room shortly. Don't mind the screaming, and make sure to watch out for a few of our crazier members.

Just kidding. We're all completely normal :shifteyes:Enjoy yourself!


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Welcome. If you want bold text though, please go to your options page and enable it there instead of making your posts bold. (Details)

So, do you have any pet hamsters or did you just use that as an example? :D


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I have a gerbil now i used to have a hamster but it died. yes i love crazy people i happen to be one but dont often show it. thank you for the welcomes. I dont understand the bold text thing so i think i will leave it alone unless it annoys people then they can explain more on how to change it. yesh this forum is awesome.


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Welcome to the forums, very glad youve decided to join these forums. I am glad your enjoying yourself, hopefully you'll become an active member here. It's a great place with great discussions and members. So stick around and you wont regret it.


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Hello potterychic, I've seen some of your posts in the forums and I just wanted to officially welcome you. I hope you enjoy GF.