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Hi and welcome to GF.

Feel free to poke around and get used to the way things work around here and then jump right on in and start posting. Enjoy your time here at GF.


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Hi shadester and topsyturvy (go make your own intro thread, it's alright :lol: ).

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of course!!! Hi. Thanks everyone, I am going to be 38 next week, female, love surfing the net, watching ALOT of TV, movies, hanging with friends, playing games. I work for the state and I am going to school to be a nurse.


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We're saying ,"Hi" back to ya bud, hopefully we'll see more of you around to contribute to our vast discussions of rick rolling :p



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Yes McSteamy is so hot..he is my current crush along with jensen ackles, shemar moore..and many others. but he is just oozing with sexiness..those eyes, that smile, that body..his voice....he is the reason to watch greys anatomy...I just had to say!!