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Hi there! Welcome. Great idea for an auction. I didn't know that about U-Haul, did they tell you why they have that new policy?

Anyway, is this a no reserve auction? I can pass it on to a guy I know at GoldenPalace.com if you want. I think they might be interested in that. :)


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The bad thing is that he took is truck in a week before and had it inspected at the rental store. Then on move day he went over to pick up the trailer and they connected it and he was pulling out as the manager ran out and explained he could not rent. He did agree not to charge the $50 cancelation fee :)

There are no signs or anything. If you do a google on Ford and U-Haul you will find the whole story. Seems to be due to a lawsuit due to Firestone tires

Yes please pass it on to GoldenPalace.com. JJ will be stopping at many places along the route and will keep his blog site updated with the pictures and maps of his current location. There will also be a banner ad at the top of his page.
This was a quick last minnute idea inspired by your work and this forum. Since the auction is only three days and he was not rated he could not do a feature post. We dont expect it to go very high but it was a fun idea to help offset his travel cost.


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Oh yeah, I heard about that lawsuit a few years ago. Apparently that's how the Explorer got the nickname the "Ford Exploder." They kept tipping over. :(

Is it just U-Haul that won't rent to them or is it most companies? There are several others that rent trailers as well. I guess he already owns it though so that's kind of a moot point by now.
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