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Hey everyone! I'm new here and I dont really know how this whole thing works so I thought I'd post a little about myself!

Name: Kate, short for Katharine.

Interests: Lets see, theres nothing really that specific that defines me, so I guess I'll just start listing stuff that I do/like. I love playing guitar, acting, setting in volleyball, laughing with my friends, ceramics, drawing, thunderstorms, sunny days, summer camps, traveling, philosophizing, LOST, etc.

Dislikes: I absolutely cant stand needles. Also the dark, overly judgmental people, mechanical pencils that don't work, odd numbers, homework, and complicated situations.

So yeah, I bet theres more I could say but I can't really think of anything right now...

So hello to all!
Hello Kate, good to see someone else that I actually know on here. :D If you can't guess who I am ask Ducky or Kaz. :)