Hello! :)

Hi there! I found this forum after a friend shared an article from Popmalt on Facebook. I was looking for a forum where I could discuss a wide range of topics and this forum looks great for that. A little bit about myself: My name is Jasmine. I working in management and my work mainly consists of social media management for our company and various admin duties. I'm a makeup junkie, hence my username. I even have a small style and makeup vlog on YouTube. I live in Northern BC, Canada with my husband. I have a cat named Caramel (because of his fur.) Lookin forwards to chatting with you all. Let me know if you have any questions for me. :)


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Welcome Jasmine. It's nice to see another Canadian on the forums. I am one, too.

You definitely found the right place. We have a lot of different topics to talk about here at PM, so make yourself at home and don't be shy to leave your opinions on some of the different topics we have here.


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Welcome! Your friend has good tastes in articles! Just out of curiosity, what article was it? And what made you check out the forum after reading it?

Stick around and enjoy yourself!
Thank you, everyone! Looking forward to having great discussions with you all!

Mirage, I believe it was the 50 annoying Facebook friends article. Funny stuff. Finding the forum portion of the site was just a lucky coincidence while I was browsing around. :)

I really enjoyed Whitney Connor's article about being single and joyous. Girl after my own heart, even though I'm not single anymore.