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Hello, world!


New Member
Hello everyone!

I was searching for a nice forum, and then I found this one! It's cool!
I really like the sexy graphics! :lol:

I just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Francesco (Francis), i'm 15. I love rock and chiptune, i also play guitar. I'm now learning Chinese, Japanese and some programming languages (C, PHP, etc..).

Well... see ya! :nod:


Registered Member
Sexy graphics!? :-o Where!? I wanna see too! :D
Hello & welcome! I love rock & chiptunes too, especially Cage The Elephant, Hollywood Undead, and Sabrepulse (chip)! I'm learning C/C++ too. We have an awesome music section you def needa check out! :nod: Oh, my name's Derek and this is def one cool site! Where are you from?


Haters gonna hate.
Welcome to GF! I do like some chiptunes as well. I guess you have a good knack for music. We have a great forum for that.


Haters gonna hate.
I'm from Rome! ;)
Woah! A Roman has invaded the board! This is awesome.

I was in Rome a few years ago. Are you from downtown or from a suburban area?


Registered Member

Downtown! ;)
GoOd OnE! :lol: Do you like Cage The Elephant or Hollywood Undead? We could def use HELP! in the music threads! The Beatles won the Battle Of The Bands :shocked:! I fainted. :tired:
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