hello to all


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signed up on here so this is my first post,hopefully of many,hello to all on this site!:)


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Hello there! Welcome to GF!

I just saw your post about age ... I feel that too sometimes (but maybe that's how we're supposed to feel at that age). :laugh:


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Thanks for the welcome,ysabel.Im not sure if i feel like that cause of running around after my kids,or cause of all the things i did when i was younger and 34 seamed like a lifetime away!


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Hi ysabel,i live about five miles from hampton court palace.so south east london i suppose
My interests a varied i like all types of film from comedy to horrors,i enjoy fishing as it is a time for myself to relax and enjoy my own company.i like playing computer games,reading mostly fantasy works like eragon and wolf brother but i like biographys as well.
I enjoy watching boxing and mixed martial as i used to to do both a long time ago!.
I like all types of music but prefer rock,nickleback kid rock guns and roses that sort of thing
As for the choice of user name,the wolf has always been my favourate animal and wolfheart had a nice sound to it