Hello to All from Comic-art


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Hi folks.. I just found this cool chat forum today & I can tell there are lots of cool goings on here.

I am Richard Halegua of Comic Art & Graffix Gallery and I have been a collector of all things comics, movie posters, pulps & more since I was justa mere child 45 years ago.

I have been selling collectibles since 1966 & have been a full-time seller since 1975. During all those years, I hold bought-sold-traded everything you could possibly imagine and I continue to do so..

to quote All pacino in Godfather 3 :
"I try to get out.. but they keep pulling me back in..."

I'm sure many comic collectors will be familiar with my longtime comics website Comic Art & Graffix Gallery© your place on the web for comics... filled with histories, artist biographies & lots of free stuff and I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

I also maintain a Movie Poster Auction site Movie Poster Auctions at MoviePosterBid.com

and a comic auction site Comic Books, Original Art & Pulp Auctions at ComicBidZ.com (great auctions coming soon)

Here are some pics of stuff I have had or still have......

this is my old booth at a comic con circa 2002. But I'm not in this pic

This is a pic in my old Poster & Comic Art Gallery that used to be a block from the Strip in Las Vegas. The galleryis closed, but I'm still a block from the strip. Did I mention that I play lots of poker??

anyway.. I hope you'll enjoy my company as well as I hope to enjoy yours !!



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Welcome, and I moved this post to introductions for you.

Awesome to see you here, and even more awesome that you're into poker. I hope to see you in the game sometime.


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thanks for the welcome and yes I play lots of poker.. in my warehouse I am only a block from Wynns, Treasure Island, the Mirage & the Frontier and have lived here a long time......

but I don't see anyone playing poker

I'll warn you though.. I've cashed several times in teh Sunday Million at PokerStars finishing as high as 10th place !!!


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Hey there. Just wait until Surfer sees this thread. :D He's gonna love having another hardcore comic collector around. :)

Welcome and you should stop by our poker rooms and play some hands with us sometime. :)


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Welcome to the forums I'm very glad that you've decided to join these forums. It seems that you know a lot about comic books, that's pretty cool. Hopefully you'll become an active member at these forums. So browse around see what you like and don't be afraid to leave your input and opinions.


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I can't believe Nightsurfer didn't reply to this yet he collects also.

Welcome to generalforum, I hope to see you around.