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Hello...someone invited me...


Laharl ex

...so I'm here. :p


blue 3
Very nice sig I like it.

I'm guessing that Vince Carter invited you didn't he?

Laharl ex

• b l u r • said:
cause we are the shit.
Brown or green? Hard or soft?


golden brown with a slightly green tint, a hint of raspberry snuggled deep within its numerous moist crevaces


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to these forums. Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here at Central Fusion. And all those members are 100% correct these forums are awesome and I hope that you'll post here often and become an active member.


blue 3
Laharl ex said:
Not sure...so what makes this place special?
Uhm...its a pretty pyschotic group of people getting together and talking. Things get kind've interesting around here.

Have fun and post like MAD.
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