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Hello people with internet


Registered Member

My name is Laurens, I live in the Netherlands.
I joined this forum today, because i was a little bit bored and now i found something amusing! My hobbies are sports and making websites.

If you want to know more, just reply ;)



I'm serious
Hi Laurens. Welcome to GF. Definitely lots of great and time consuming discussions to be had here.

Where in the Netherlands are you from? And do you know Diederik? :lol:


Registered Member
Thank you, yeah I know one Diederik but I don't think it is the same Diederik as you know :lick:
By the way, I live in the city Amersfoort near Utrecht. Do you know the city?:D


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome Lauren, we have two members from the Netherlands already, Diederik like CGSA mentioned, and Bjarki. Both of them are not really active, but they do stop in from time to time.

I see that you're a sports fan, I'm a sports nut myself. What sports do you watch and play?


Registered Member
Thankyou Babe_Ruth, oke I will be active :D.

Yes I am, I have played soccer but last year i quit. Because of the many injuries I had. Now I swim a lot and I do some running once a while.
I like to watch soccer games, and also the olympics.


still nobody's bitch
Welcome, Laurens. I think you'll find GF to be highly amusing.


Registered Member
Welcome. I love to watch the Olympics too. My sport is tennis. Played 4 times this week. Been watching the Medibank tournament in Australia this week too. It's a warm-up going into the Australian Open.


Registered Member
Thanks, yes I know the Australian Open. A good friend of me is going to be at the Australian Open. Who is your favorite tennis player?


Sally Twit
Welcome to GF. You seem really friendly which is good.

I hope you enjoy your time here.
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