Discussion in 'Introductions' started by xkayxx, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. xkayxx

    xkayxx Registered Member

    hello everybody my name is xkayxx. I'm a friend of cait. She's the one who told me about GF, and from what i heard it sounds awesome. So i hope to be posting soon, and i also hope that GF is as awesome as it sounds.

  2. PentaCube

    PentaCube Registered Member

    welcome to GF, have fun. Hope to see you in the threads.
  3. Cait

    Cait Oh, poppycock.

    Tip: Do not use caps unless needed.

    But hi. ily. I hope you become active. I love this place.
  4. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Welcome to the forums, it's always fun to get new members joining the forums. So stick around and I promise you'll have a good time. But I am sure Cait already told you how fun this place is.
  5. snowflake

    snowflake Registered Member

    Hi and welcome to GF.

    Hope to see you around.
  6. Rebeccaaa

    Rebeccaaa yellow 4!

    Welcome to GF :D have fun! i'm sure you will..

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