Hello..new here

:D hello there..

I am just newbie here..

I am an artist and a gamer. Likes anything that has to do with art, video games, movies, comics, web development, music..


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Ignore Twitch, he's just angry because he has a week bladder. A small cough leaves his legs burning for hours.

Welcome to GF!


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hello anita... i love my psp and ps2.. i want to buy ps3 but i can't afford it yet.. hehe:D
Haha. I can't afford one yet either. I have a 360 and spend a lot of time on that. I keep hoping to find extra time to play on the ps2 so I can finish Kingdom Hearts, but I never do.


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Hey lucas, just checked out your page on deviantart. Your art is fantastic!

Especially this gal:

WOWZA! :w00t: