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Hello I'm Sammy.^^

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Hello My Name is Samantha but everyone calls me sammy... My parents do to, "personally i think they wanted me to be a boy O_O" Well I play Yugioh I have a Cyber dragon deck a very well put together one I do beileve so myself I killed cookie cutter decks like they were nothing. My aim is SexyKFSammy.^^


Sultan of Swat
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Welcome to my forums hopefully you will become an active member here at Central Fusion, enjoy yourself and post as much as you can without breaking any rules.


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Hello and welcome to the boards have fun.:)


blue 3
Hey, whats up?

Glad to see you've joined the forums. Hope you have a good time!


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Welcome Sammy. Sit down and stay a while. Please! :D

By the way, I love the Konohamau Heaven pic in your sig! :D