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Hello I'm Leon


New Member
Hello my name is Leon and i am new to forums. Really wanted to chat to people and this seemed like a great forum! Hope I can speak to all of you at some point, and hope that everyone will like me!! :D

best regards,


still nobody's bitch
Hi Leon, welcome to GF. Tell us more about yourself -where are you from, what are some of your interest?

And yes, this is a great forum.


Registered Member
Tere Leon, and welcome to GF. Maybe you can share a little more about yourself in helping us get to know you? Where is it you are from? What are some of your interest/hobbies? What type of discussions do you enjoy?

I hope you enjoy your stay, we do not bite... much :lol:


Registered Member
Hello Leon -

And welcome

Your name is that of a film, in which Jean Reno kills loads of people. Are you a fan of this film? Do you like films? What do you like?


Hello & welcome to the forums.

and hope that everyone will like me!! :D
Yeah, you'll fit in really well here. :lol:

Is Leon your actual first name or did you base it off the best Resident Evil character of all-time? Haha.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Hey Leon, do you drive a Neon? HAHA!! I know I'm pretty damn funny, no need to tell me.

I'm Babe_Ruth but people call me Bizzy, but you can call me Grand Master Sexy. We have a great group here at GF, but stay away from this person call Bliss, she eats pieces of shit for breakfast.

See you around.


Well-Known Member
Welcome aboard to the foums bud, pleasure to have another member join our fine and distinguished community....thought the second compliment was a total lie, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself none the less :D:D:D.



Welcome to the forum, Leon! I really like your name, it reminds me of a Tales of Destiny character. A cool cat, he was. =)


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Welcome to the forum, Leon! Let us know if you have any questions as you get used to things.

Abandon all seriousness, ye who enter here.


Registered Member
Hi I'm Derek and welcome to GF! :D Oh, yeah, the best forum in cyberspace!
We have a really cool community here and I know you'll fit in 4 sure! Btw, this is your ice-breaker thread so def talk about yourself. We'd all like to get to know you and Elly will def insist on it. :lol: I think I saw a "Beware of Bliss" sign so I think that's already been covered.